SignMaker on smaller screens

Ingvild Roald iroald at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Apr 13 18:02:37 UTC 2007

If you are on a PC, try the f11-key, that will make your window larger and 
keep the buttons underneath the sign frame


If yp

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>April 13, 2007
>Philippe wrote:
>>When I am using sign maker and I noticed that my buttons stays on left
>>not below where the sign maker window is. I noticed from training  videos
>>that it shows below the sign maker window.  See attachment what I  mean.
>>How can I put the buttons below the sign maker window?  Thank you.
>>Philippe "Philip" Gallant
>Hi Philip!
>I can see others have already answered you so this message is a repeat!
>SignMaker is designed so that when you have a very large screen, like  I do 
>on my Mac Intel, then the Command Buttons and the Symbol Palette  always 
>stay in one place...they do not move.
>But, when you have a smaller screen, and you cannot see everything  wide 
>all at once on your screen, Steve designed it to move the Symbol  Palette 
>and Command Buttons around, so you could access them as you  scroll down or 
>I feel very fortunate to have a large screen and I know I am lucky.  For me 
>personally, I am happy the symbols and buttons do not move  around...
>But anyway, that is the way the software was designed, trying to help  
>people find everything...and I created the Video Instruction on a  large 
>screen...that is why it looks different than your screen...
>Val ;-)

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