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And Cherie, I noticed other new literature you added - wow - my jaw 
is dropping - the library is building!

Most of the stuff today is at the request of a teacher... (well, the 
translations, not the writing)  She is going to be doing a trial with an 
English Grammar program called the Shurley method.  It incorporates 
jingles-- songs and rhymes-- to teach the rules of English Grammar.  This 
teacher had seen me doing the ASL poetry nursery rhymes, and asked me to 
apply that to this.  This is a much bigger 'translation' than the nursery 
rhymes, though, because I pretty much have to drop everything but the 
teaching content, and then  =rebuild=   an ASL rhyme or mnemonic.  Its 
fun.  And all this writing is really building my speed!

I do have a question/comment though.  Because this system [SW] is so 
versatile, I can make clear the minor adjustments I make to a sign when I 
write it.  For example the sign SENTENCE is normally signed (and written) 
with multiple wrist twists.  For the first jingle, to make the rhythm 
work, I signed [and wrote] it with just one wrist twist.  Is one of the 
goals of this is to develop a standard way to write a single sign/word?  I 
remember seeing a discussion about that at some point in the past.  I 
think one of the strengths of the signwriting orthography is that it can 
easily accomodate this type of wordplay. The second jingle is done 
entirely with the H handshape..  using that handshape to sign noun, 
person, place and thing, wow and fun...  its something unique to sign 
language.  English (and I am sure other languages, I just don't know them 
:-)  plays with words, but it can usually be managed within standarized 
spelling (unless you're trying to show a dialect)...  I'm not sure what 
I'm trying to say.  Val, I think some day the entire Signing community 
will realize what a wonderful gift you have given us, but for now..... 

Cherie Wren
GSD Staff Interpreter
232 Perry Farm Rd
Cave Spring, GA 30124
706-766-0766 Cell

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Re: [sw-l] Extending login time...

SignWriting List
April 13, 2007

And I know I would also love to extend rest and relaxation time too... 

Everyone working with SignWriting and SignPuddle right now are doing 
so much, it is really inspiring!

Thank you for jumping right in and helping all of us make written 
signed languages a reality...

I have noticed myself getting all excited about SignPuddle 1.5 too, 
and wanting more and more...that is the level of excitement it is 
causing, which is really rewarding...

but we can also take rest and relaxation too...and we must, really.

I am teaching myself to sleep again....I was telling Adam and Kelly 
Jo that I didn't really sleep a full night for several months working 
on SignPuddle 1.5, right before the conference, and that can build up 
on a person...I am doing great..just mentioning that, to point out 
that we can become a little sleep deprived because of computer work 
that is so fascinating...and we need to be careful...

So let's take it slowly, one step at a time, and we will get there, 
like the Tortoise and the Hare story!

By the way, I found that story written by a DAC members years ago in 
ASL and I plan to add that to the ASL Literature Library in time...

And Cherie, I noticed other new literature you added - wow - my jaw 
is dropping - the library is building!

Val ;-)


On Apr 13, 2007, at 10:56 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> I do need to extend the login time.  I also need to fix the URLs to 
> allow for easier linking.  Those are 2 of the most annoying things 
> right.  Sorry about your nerves Cherie.
> -Steve
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> April 13, 2007
>> I will ask Steve and get back to you ;-))
>> Cherie wrote:
>>> OK this login thing is starting to get on my nerves.  Every time 
>>> I leave to [go do some work instead of playing with SW] when I 
>>> get back I have to re-log-in, even if its only a few minutes!  Is 
>>> there some way to extend the time limit on that?
>>> ---------------------------------
>>> Cherie Wren
>>> GSD Staff Interpreter
>>> 232 Perry Farm Rd
>>> Cave Spring, GA 30124
>>> 706-777-2328
>>> 706-766-0766 Cell

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