Sleeping Beauty

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Hi Adam!  Thanks for the feedback...

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>Kelly Jo,
>I just did a quick read of what you have so far. Two things. The circle
>arrows that you have for signs like people and what not are giving me a
>problem with regards to reading. You have both arrows starting close and
>then going in opposite directions.

This is supposed to represent "alternating movement", as I understand it... 
I could use the double-tie, I suppose, but I prefer doing it with 
opposite-direction arrows.  I have the arrows close to the body because 
that's where I feel the emphasis is in these signs.

I think one of arrows should
>start far
>because I tried to sign it the way that it is written, and I couldn't.

You could be right... Val?

>second thing is the sign for struggle. Is the palm orientation correct for
>the two hands? (You are doing this from a video, right?)

I completely understand your question about that one!  Yes, I'm doing this 
from a video (it's on the SW website, if you want to take a look at it for 
yourself), and I replayed that sign a LOT!  I'm quite certain that's how she 
signed it... the non-dominant hand was straight up and palm-in, while the 
dominant hand was to the side, closer to the body and pointing toward the ND 

I have to admit here, I am taking one liberty in writing this story... the 
signer is left-handed, but I'm writing it as right-hand dominant.  (It 
actually cuts down on my work, since I don't have to mirror left-to-right 
while I'm converting from receptive to expressive viewpoint!)

Thanks again Adam,


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