Little Miss Muffet

Adam Frost icemandeaf at GMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 14 16:02:53 UTC 2007

I have the graphics on my home computer, but I am not home right now. I will send it as soon as I do. :-)



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April 14, 2007

What a great excitement to see this first video captioned  
receptively, Adam!

And I agree with Ingvild and Charles - this is fabulous!

I noticed a few things in the writing that need to be  
there a way for you to post to the list, just the SignWriting itself?...

Then I could give you feedback on the Receptive writing...

Many thanks for doing this...this is a blessing...

Val ;-)

On Apr 14, 2007, at 5:23 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

> This is fabulous, it is well written, and exciting to see.  We  
> definitely need more receptive sign writing.  I think we should all  
> learn both, as it will be much easier to explain.  Write what you  
> see, whether someone else or yourself signing.
> Charles
> Adam Frost <adam at> wrote: Here's my take on the  
> captioning of Little Miss Muffet. I tried out the receptive view  
> out. I took out a lot of the white from my graphic program to make  
> it so that Cherie's signing wouldn't get block as much. What do you  
> all think?
> Adam

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