automatic conversio from expressive to receptive and vice-versa

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Apr 15 16:31:34 UTC 2007

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April 15, 2007

Hello Antonio Carlos!
Thanks for your messages - great to have a conversation again ;-)

Actually, the two you mention below are only two of around 5  
differences, and that is why I need to start teaching Receptive, if  
we are going to really use Receptive at times...

Adam did an excellent "first try" and I was really impressed with it,  
but I am now preparing a lesson to show why the writing was not  
really full Receptive....Adam's writing was a mixture of Receptive  
and Expressive...but there was no way for him to that  
lesson is coming next, along with a lesson on Surface Symbols for  
Anny and Jonathan -

So stay tuned!

Val ;-)

On Apr 15, 2007, at 9:17 AM, rocha at ATLAS.UCPEL.TCHE.BR wrote:

> Hi,
>  At at first sight it seems that to produce an automatic conversion  
> from
> the expressive to the receptive mode of writing, it is enough:
>   1) to mirror the image;
>   2) to change the dominant fill (black) of arrows to the non-dominant
> fill (white), and vice-versa.
>   But I may be wrong...
>   All the best,
>   Antônio Carlos
> ------------------------------------
> Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa
> Escola de Informática
> Coord. Prog. de Pós-grad. Informática
> Universidade Católica de Pelotas

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