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Sun Apr 15 19:39:02 UTC 2007

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April 15, 2007

Hello Jonathan and Anny and Everyone!

Regarding Surface Symbols...

1. I rarely write with them. They are more for research. So the less  
you use them for everyday writing the better. Sometimes we start  
writing a sign with them, but later we learn we do not need it and  
the sign can be written a little differently and be clear, so it is a start with all the detail and then  
later you learn what you can throw away, and more often than not, it  
is the Surface Symbols that are thrown away!

2. When you need to learn about Surface Symbols, you can click on the  
Search Icon on our web site (up at the top of the web page), and type  
in Surface Symbols in the search field. I found four pages of links  
on the web discussing Surface Symbols!  Here is an important one:

Surface Symbols

On that web page, you will see this attached diagram....and if you  
look at the diagram to the right, notice the right hand at the end,  
ends up on top of the left hand, and the Surface Symbol for the right  
hand is written near the right hand so you know that the Surface  
Symbol is relating to the right hand in this is On Top of  
the other surface...Val ;-)

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