ASL captions on Videos

K.J. Boal kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 17 01:31:06 UTC 2007

I like it too... now I feel that I can look from the sign to the SW and have 
enough time to process both... and the smaller size is certainly still 
readable!  In fact, the hardest part for me this time was reading the 
signing itself, because the video is seriously bitmapped on my computer!

One interesting point to note... my mom is learning SW too... she's been an 
interpreter for about 30 years, but she'd have trouble learning SW from this 
system.  I don't know how many other people have this particular problem, 
but she can't read signing on a video!  She managed to get her certification 
before because the exam used a film projected to life-size... but she just 
can't process it from the smaller screen.  Does anyone else on the list know 
anyone with a similar problem?


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>April 16, 2007
>Adam Frost wrote:
>>I have made another caption try for smaller SW size. The link to  this one 
>This is great. I like the smaller size better... It gives me time to  read 
>the captions, and to watch a little of the video too...Like  Kelly Jo 
>mentioned earlier, I have trouble viewing both the video and  the 
>SignWriting 100 per cent (maybe because I am a hearing person ;-))
>but the smaller captions gives a person more time to read...for me at  
>And the quality of the symbols looks quite good at that small  size...Many 
>thanks, Adam!

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