Sorting dictionaries by the different rules of spoken languages

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Tue Apr 17 12:26:01 UTC 2007

Thanks for theses explanations!
No worry about the problem on sorting dictionnaries... we'll just  
have to inform the users...! No problem with this i kknow there's so  
much to do beside this... I understand it's no use to take time for  

Have a nice week everyone


Le 17 avr. 07 à 02:49, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> April 16, 2007
> I know this problem. It was enough to drive us insane when  
> programming SignWriter DOS, for sorting dictionaries by 10 spoken  
> languages years ago. Each spoken language places their accented  
> symbols in different places in their dictionaries (yes...that is  
> true and hard to believe)...and it was an awful job. Rich Gleaves  
> had to program each dictionary for each country separately to sort  
> their dictionary correctly based on the rules of their  
> language...and Spanish was the worst, because some countries like  
> Mexico, sort their Spanish dictionaries differently than in  
> Spain...and there were real arguments as to which rules to  
> follow...some sorted the double Ls inside L and others sorted the  
> double Ls as a separate area in the dictionary and so forth...
> I do not know what is involved with the programming in SignPuddle  
> 1.5, but if it is a lot of work, then I think right now we need to  
> focus on other more urgent areas of the software
> but thanks for telling us...I am glad you can at least use the  
> "search by word option" right now!
> A lot going on behind the scenes here, with this wonderful new  
> software, which is so time it will all settle down  
> and I know I will be happy as a little clam making beautiful  
> dictionaries and literature!
> And just wait until you see the beautiful dictionaries we can print  
> out, using a combination of SignPuddle 1.5 and SignBank 8.5...I am  
> working on that right now and I am so happy with the combination of  
> the two programs!
> Val ;-)
> On Apr 16, 2007, at 3:05 PM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>> Steve
>> I would like to know if there's a way to change the ordering of  
>> the word in SignPuddle....
>> in french... letters like "é" or /è/ or /ê/ are usually under E  
>> (following the alphabetic order.... but in PUDDLE... they appear  
>> at the end of the list
>> same problems with all letters that do have an accent
>> for example /bébé/ comes at the end of the list of "B" words....
>> If people search for word , enter *... and get the whole list,  
>> people don't expect top look at the end of the list to find it
>> if it's too complicated tom change this... don't worry..... people  
>> can also use "search by word option"
>> Anny
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