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I dunno.  Overall, I think the =idea= is great, but a video of me sitting at my computer 'talking' to myself in ASL...Not too exciting...  ::Grin::  You might need to invite Steven Spielberg to spice it up some.


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April 21, 2007

I have an idea...Maybe Adam and Cherie could create a video  
presentation explaining how you are doing the translating and writing  
of the first ASL article in an encyclopedia in SignWriting using  
SignText. The explanation would be in ASL on the video of course. We  
could do some good camera work, showing how the whole process was  
completed beginning to end. And the whole video could be captioned in  
written English and ASL too! This video-DVD-presentation could then  
be presented to an audience in Taipei whether we travel there or in one project, we would:

1. show that an article in an encyclopedia can be written in ASL
2. show the value of SignText and SignPuddle and how to use it
4. show the value of captions in ASL on ASL videos
5. show how we can do bilingual captions in ASL and English

so it would be like a documentary..."Writing the First Encyclopedia  
Article in ASL"

Maybe it could be shown on PBS (Public Broadcasting Television in the  

Val ;-)

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