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Sun Apr 22 05:36:23 UTC 2007

I like about 15-20 signs to a document, personally.

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>April 21, 2007
>Cherie Wren wrote:
>>Do you want us to all work on the same document, or each take one?
>>You mention working in short clips...  Do you mean like I am doing  with 
>>Cat in the Hat?  I do about 4 lines at a time for that, but  for this it 
>>would probably be one sentence at a time?
>Good questions!
>That was based on the old concern about writing too much in one  SignText 
>Recently I remember Steve said we could write as long as we wish in  
>SignText...and I know that SignText will get better and better I 
>don't know...
>Steve...what length would you suggest for one SignText document at  the 
>Val ;-)

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