Sleeping Beauty Video 1-2

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>Sleeping Beauty Video 1-2
>Hi Kelly Jo!
>Right now, the current version of SignText replaces my changes directly on 
>your document, so I saved your old version in a bookmark on my computer, 
>and I can send it to you we still have it.
>Here is my way of writing the same sentence, and it is very close...the way 
>you wrote the signs for King, Queen and children were correct too...

Well, you said if we're going to write only one position, it's better to 
write the end position than the beginning... and I like your way of writing 
"children"; I wouldn't have thought of that.

both ways of writing are we still have variations in SignSpellings 
because we are not yet completely standardized with spellings, but it is fun 
to see how many different ways we can write a sign and still be within the 
guidelines! I will show everyone next message...Val ;-)
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