SVG symbols

Pharos pharosofalexandria at GMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 24 07:57:53 UTC 2007

I noticed that in Steve Slevinski's correspondence with the Wikimedia
language subcommittee, he raised the issue of SVG symbols several

I am aware that bitmap-to-vector conversions are a fairly common
activity at Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia's image and media hub, mostly
for flags and coats of arms which can be quite complicated.

I wonder if some Wikimedia Commons people would be interested in
helping with the conversion?  I can't guarantee that how many people
will participate, but it does seems like the type of project that
could generate significant interest among community members.  Before
we raise this issue there, though, I would like to know (1) how big
the job would be, (2) if the job can be trusted to technically savvy
people who are ignorant of SignWriting, and (3) what the current
copyright is (if any) on the bitmap symbols.


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