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Second column first sign I would translate as "argue"; it's kind of like 
they kept taking potshots at each other.

You're right about "Have", and Val made the same suggestion (putting the 
contact symbols above the fingers).  I'm definitely going to change that 

Thanks for all your detailed comments and constructive criticism! :-)

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>     Second column first sign I'm not familiar with this sign though it
>reads ok.
>     Second column third sign, HAVE.  I took me a while to figure it
>out.  I didn't realize at first that the body was involved in the sign.
>I know you wrote simply like the "I" is written so it might just be that
>I haven't read enough yet.  When I first looked at it, I saw two angled
>hands facing me with a touch on each hand.  I was trying to figure out
>how this was going to work as it looked like each one was going to touch
>each other like the sign for "Jesus" but it just didn't make sense.  I
>was thinking that it would be easier to read if you put the shoulder
>line just above to show that the body is involved but this takes away
>from your simple style. My other suggestion would be to move the contact
>symbols directly above the hand symbols.  This would make it clearer
>that they aren't contacting each other but rather something else.
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> > How is it looking so far?
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> > 45fc8b006b00f31b780e40bb169b9f20 = 45fc8b006b00f31b780e40bb169b9f20
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