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I looked at the video again, and remarkably, frame-by-frame, the hand is twisted backward (the signer is rather demonstrative).  The hand end in the normal side by side position, but the start point is twisted.  


Charles Butler <chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM> wrote: I would agree that the first sign, left hand is backwards, it would be hard to use that hand as displayed.


Jonathan <duncanjonathan at> wrote: KJ,
    First column, first sign. Left hand hurts.
    First column, second sign.  This must be "Look".  In think it might
read better with a back of hand fill, otherwise, it's more like
"Scissor" than "Look" 
       Val, the way this is drawn, how would I know if both hand are in
the same vertical plane one above each other or rather one in front of
the other?

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