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Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Thu Apr 26 16:13:36 UTC 2007

Valerie, about the many books in a row, it caused me to wonder (in a  
general sense) if there could be a symbol that could be used to  
indicate that this sign (whatever it is) is repeated. This approach  
is often used in glossing. If I were glossing this, I might say BOOK++ 
+ to indicate signing book multiple times. Of course, glossing can't  
handle the "in a row".

But if that would make sense, (and if the rest of you agree with this  
idea :), if there are space constraints or if we find it to be  
generally useful, that symbol can help us communicate the duplication  
of a sign without having to write the sign itself extra times. That  
symbol could be placed near movement symbols if we need to record  
that the books were opening in a row or something.

Just a thought.


On Apr 26, 2007, at 10:50, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> April 26, 2007
> New SignPuddle Directory
> Here is Norway's area...Ingvild wrote the signs that are on the  
> small icons in Norwegian Sign Language...
> Unfortunately the real sign for Literature in Norwegian Sign  
> Language shows many books opening in a row, but I couldn't fit all  
> the opening books in the tiny icon space, so we have only one  
> opening book...Is that ok, Ingvild?
> <Picture 1.png>

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