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Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Fri Apr 27 10:39:57 UTC 2007

Thanks a lot, Val,

this is very nice! And yes, it is ok to have only one book opening, when
there is no more space.

But - I see I have written one sign incorrectly - will have to rewrite and
send back to you 


sw-l at skrev 26. april 2007 kl. 17:50 +0000:
>SignWriting List
>April 26, 2007
>New SignPuddle Directory
>Here is Norway's area...Ingvild wrote the signs that are on the small  
>icons in Norwegian Sign Language...
>Unfortunately the real sign for Literature in Norwegian Sign Language  
>shows many books opening in a row, but I couldn't fit all the opening  
>books in the tiny icon space, so we have only one opening book...Is  
>that ok, Ingvild?

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