SignWriting on OmegaWiki ;-)

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Apr 29 14:57:01 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
April 29, 2007

Hello Steve-
This would be totally awesome...a SignPuddle (SignText) ColumnViewer!

Could the column viewer then be placed on a web site, so that people  
visiting the web site could view the columns as a part of that web  
site? for example, on OmegaWiki?

I am not sure the OmegaWiki site can accept XML or SWML-S...I hope so!

Val ;-)


On Apr 29, 2007, at 7:36 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Another idea is to use the already existing preformatted SignText  
> column images.  Theses images handle the SignWriting symbols,  
> spacing and lanes.  Each SignText document is currently available  
> as several column PNGs.  We could create a column viewer that would  
> shows up to the first 4 columns of SignWriting text.  Pressing  
> forward would advance through the columns.  This should work well  
> for long  documents.  Even if a document is 50 columns, only 4  
> would be displayed at a time.  Live AJAX could handle the columns  
> displayed.  I can easily make a zip file containing a SignText's  
> current image columns.
> The other option is SWML-S.  Every SignText document has an SWML-S  
> document created.  These are easy to download if you know how.  I  
> can make it easier in the future.  There are some tricks to getting  
> SignWriting to display properly.  I need to write the specs.
> -Steve
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> April 29, 2007
>> On Apr 29, 2007, at 6:29 AM, GerardM wrote:
>>> Hoi,
>>> Thanks for your reply. I have taken the picture of American Sign  
>>> Language uploaded it and added it to the portal of American Sign  
>>> Language on OmegaWiki.
>>> I do agree that programs can be made to do anything, it just  
>>> needs doing. I would love to see UNICODE for SignWriting. In the  
>>> mean time we can work on getting programs like MediaWiki to  
>>> accept SignWriting.. I think that would be awesome.
>>> Thanks,
>>>     GerardM
>> ---------
>> Hello Gerard and Charles!
>> Thank you for introducing us to OmegaWiki...I am totally impressed  
>> with the Wiki-style of communicating languages and articles  
>> well as SignWriting in SignPuddles...all using this open way of  
>> communicating on the web - such freedom is to be treasured, since  
>> historically ideas never used to be so open and available to  
>> everyone...
>> Thank you for including Sign Languages in OmegaWiki...
>> Regarding using SignWriting on OmegaWiki right are some  
>> ideas:
>> 1. Can OmegaWiki accept graphics? I assume the answer is  
>> yes...since I see the sentence that Charles gave you is now posted  
>> there!
>> Since that is the case, complete sentences and articles could be  
>> posted as graphics files, by taking a screen capture of a document  
>> written in SignPuddle and posting the sentences as graphics. See  
>> attached file below...
>> 2. Another idea...if you can develop OmegaWiki to except SWML,  
>> then we can produce the documents in SignPuddle, and then export  
>> using SWML, to use on OmegaWiki. (As you know, SWML is a form of  
>> XML...the SignWriting Markup Language...)
>> 3. A third idea is to give us the ability to post PDF files on  
>> OmegaWiki. Then, the reader would click on a PDF file to read the  
>> SignWriting article. We can create PDF files of our SignWriting  
>> documents, either from SignPuddle or SignBank...
>> 4. A fourth idea is to create a link inside the OmegaWiki article,  
>> that links the reader to the document stored in the Literature  
>> Library in SignPuddle, so they read the document on SignPuddle in  
>> vertical columns, but still feel like they are really on OmegaWiki...
>> In SignBank, another program of ours, we can actually open  
>> SignPuddle as a web page, inside SignBank while we are still in  
>> SignBank, so you never leave SignBank to read documents in  
>> is an amazing feature built into SignBank now...
>> All these are thoughts for the moment!
>> What do you think?  Val ;-)
>> PS. Here is a screen capture taken from Adam Frost's opening web  
>> page on his site:
>> <mime-attachment.png>

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