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I am aware that we have in OmegaWiki portals for most scripts that are in
ISO-15924. We have a portal for SignWriting as well :) This does not
necessarily mean that we have content in all these scripts.

When we want to have SignWriting supported in the MediaWiki software there
are one of two things that need doing. One is getting UNICODE support (and
have MediaWiki consider vertical scripts). The other is to use SignPuddle as
an external editor, have the created content saved as XML and have an engine
to display the text in MediaWiki. This does mean that we have to get the
MediaWiki mark up in as well to get things like wiki links..

All of these are complicated but doable given that computers are
increasingly good at this. It just takes a developer to get the bits and
bobs in place.

On a different note, one of the big headaches for me is that fonts are not
supported to the extend that you can see the characters of an Expression
properly. Computers do not have all the fonts that they need to display all



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> Now that I have looked at the portal, you have some rather unusual scripts
> there supported, including Elvish script (Tengwar).  What do we need to do
> to get SW supported?  Tengwar is a Hindi-based script found in Tolkien's
> fiction, the Lord of the Rings, for Elvish, at best a not currently used
> language of commerce.  SW is used in 30 countries of the world in academia
> and in ordinary life.
> One cannot write Spanish in French, nor Dutch in English. Why write signed
> languages which are unrelated to the spoken languages with which they share
> geography?  American Sign Language is NOT English words or grammar put into
> handshapes and moved, that's fingerspelling, which is NOT a language.
> Charles Butler
> GerardM <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com> wrote: Hoi,
> Om the OmegaWiki website, we have portals for all languages recognised in
> the ISO-639-3. The information we provide for any languages is minimal. What
> we are looking for is information that will be helpful for people who for
> whatever reason are interested in a particular language.
> The portal for American Sign language is
> http://www.omegawiki.org/Portal:ase , for British Sign Language
> http://www.omegawiki.org/Portal:bfi . We also have a portal for SignWriter
> at http://www.omegawiki.org/Portal:Sgnw
> When you create yourself a user at OmegaWiki, please create yourself a
> Babel template. Sadly we do not support SignWriter yet as a script. You may
> want to add a text for your sign language in another language that is the
> most appropriate (ie a text in Dutch for the Dutch Sign Language).
> If you have any questions .. please ask :)
> Thanks,
>     GerardM
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