First shot at SW Song

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Umm. I can try my best. 

"Over-there manger (someone)-lie-down-in why? Bed have none. 
Baby Lord Jesus his sweet head there lay-head.
Stars up-there scades-of-in-sky sparkle-down shine-on there baby lie-down. 
Manger (with)-grass baby Lord Jesus there lie-down sleep."



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 Could you give me the gloss for this?
 Adam_Frost_ wrote: First shot at SW Song 
This is my first shot at writing a signed song in SW. I found it hard to break up the signs to match the beat, so I matched the beat with the signs. :-) I hope that it is clear as to how the song goes. (It is my translation of the first verse of "Away in a Manger." To listen to the song that I used go to <> .) 

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