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SEE is an acronym for "Signing Exact English."  It is a code created to 
show English with all endings, prefixes, suffixes, etc to be shown on the 
hands.  "Endings" would be three signs-- one for end (initialized of 
course) one for 'ing' and one for 's'.  Due to large numbers of 
mainstreamed kids and misguided educators, there is a lot of that mixed in 
with ASL nowadays... 

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Re: [sw-l] Sleeping Beauty - Page 7

Hi Adam,
    I was wondering what you mean by "a SEE way"  is this like saying "a 
visual way"? 
    Thanks for explaining the 's.


Adam Frost wrote: 
I looked at the video. The first column, first sign is not a fist shaking, 
but a fist twisting in. This is a SEE way of saying apostrophe s. The 
second sign is daughter while using the other hand to point to the 
location. So the second column is saying, "the king's daughter." 


On 4/25/07, K.J. Boal <kjoanne403 at> wrote: 
  LOL at #2! :-D  The other suggestions I've had (from my mom, who's been 
ASL interpreter for 30 years) were
  1.  The other king's name sign,
  2.  Hold/shake hands.

She really thinks it's a name sign.  I don't, since it wasn't set up 
in the story... but I don't like "Hold/shake hands" either because ASL has 
very different sign for that concept.  I'd be more willing to accept "take
the time" if the right hand had just the index finger extended, instead of 

the full hand...  I still like your "shake the dice" theory (though I 
think it's right either)... :-)


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>     These read well.  I don't know what comes after "...King Bert and
>King..." but my wild guesses are 
>     1. Take the time
>     2. Shake the dice and see who get heads or tails :-)
>kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
> >
> > 
> > I had a lot of trouble with one of the signs here... The way I read
> > it, she signs "...King Bert and King..." then the next two signs I
> > don't understand, but the first one looks a bit like "hold". It's the 
> > one after that I don't get at all. Can anyone tell me what she's
> > signing???
> >
> > KJ
> >
> > 
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> >


> >
> >
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> >
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> >
>Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
>8-)  & ;-)

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Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
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