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Mon Apr 30 20:45:26 UTC 2007

Hello Jonathan, 


thanks for your kind words ...


well I finished a great table of all the people who showed interest in the
handwriting course. – smile – 


What is missing that we started to write our signnames by hand. My idea has
been to offer to you a TT Font showing your handwriting and the
computerprogram – spelling as you can get with SignPuddle – 


Unfortunately we did never come so far to discuss our handwriting of our
signnames. Since it takes me quite a time to create the TT-Font I really
would prefer to do this job on a basis that the spelling of the signnames
are checked by Valerie – 


What do you think ? 


Nice to read that you are still interested in this job which already took
quite a portion of time and concentration – smile 


All the best 


Stefan ;-) 




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Welcome back Stefan!!!

P.S. Did you finish the Sign names fonts you were working on?  Or did that
get put on the back burner now that we aren't currently any lessons on the


Stefan Wöhrmann wrote: 

Hi Valerie, Cherie and listmembers – 


well I am back online – smile – 


You folks have been so incredible active! Too many messages – so that I will
need some time to catch up with what is discussed ... 


Looking at your video Cherie – I would write it this way 




All the best 






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I always have troubles with the rotations...  that is my signing, not a
transcription.  The two 'baby x's facing each other, then the right hand
twists down twice and the left hand twists up twice while the palms continue
to face each other--  best way I can describe it in words.  Here is a clip.

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I was just reading your jingle. Very interesting. :-) Very well written too.
They only sign that I had a problem with was (I am guessing) modify. The way
that it was written is the same movement that would be for a vertical "dead"
or "opening the right door while closing the left door." I took me a few
tries of signing it to see what you were saying. I think that the movement
for modify (at least the way I sign it) is the same as signing class except
the left hand goes the opposite way. I don't know if I am right in my
movement writing, but I was thinking that the movement was better written
this way. But if you are transcribing and the person signed it the way I
mentioned before, then keep it. :-) 


PS I'll try to get a clip of my signing the two movements as a picture is
worth a thousand words.

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Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
8-)  & ;-) 
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