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February 6, 2007

Augusto from Brazil wrote:

> Valerie,
>             ...I really wish to put on your site for download some  
> free programs in order to help people who wish to learn Libras and  
> SW....These programs are for free download on my site, but your  
> site has more visitors. Thus a bigger number of persons could use  
> the programs if they were posted on your site. They are simple  
> programs but very interesting...attached is an example...
> Click on the SW; The animal appears, if the click was correct, the  
> animal design will disappear. At the end, the game restarts with a  
> new figures and SW words. It is possible to learn very fast with  
> this program.
>              If somebody will help-me I can change LIBRAS to  
> another sign language . The single thing that I need is the SW  
> words and the name written in English.
>             I have many similar programs -- If somebody on the list  
> wishes to help-me- We can become partners and sell the games in the  
> SignWriting Shop and divide the money and help many people in the  
> world...helping people is my big wish.
>             Hope you understand me - because me English is very bad.
>             thank you newly
>            Augusto

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