Matthew 24:13

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I agree Charles, that's what I like to do too.  Usually if a sign is 
performed beside the head, I put in the head for both placement and 
expression; if the sign is performed in neutral space but I need facial 
expression, I place the hands distinctly below the head.

I agree with you on the sign for endure as well; though I think I would 
prefer a single open-headed arrow for this sign; attached is how I would 
write it. . . Val, would it be wrong to write it this way?  As I understand 
it, the open-headed arrow means "both hands move as one unit"; I kind of 
take that to mean that if the hands (or fingers or thumbs) aren't touching, 
I should use two arrows but if there is contact, I can use the one arrow.  
Am I wrong?  Does the contact have to include more of the hand than just the 
tips of the thumbs?


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>My general rule of thumb is to place any arrow above or below to the hand 
>it applies to when possible.  With a head pictured for facial expressions 
>it sometimes becomes difficult to tell if the head is for placement or for 
>   The sign for endure is a challenge, but if I were to use a single arrow, 
>it would be between the two hands, not out to the side.  Is there a lesson 
>that talks about that Valerie?
>   Charles
>Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:
>   My writing is on the right in the attached...

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