Val is struggling with a defective internet connection...

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If you are on a cable modem, it could be that to many folks are accessing 
the same amound of bandwidth all at the same time.  We had that problem at 
home for awhile, until the cable company increased the bandwidth.

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Re: [sw-l] Val is struggling with a defective internet connection...

SignWriting List
February 15, 2007

On Feb 15, 2007, at 6:12 AM, john tucker wrote:
> Sometimes the problem can be with your computer itself. If you are 
> using Windows, one of the first things to try is to defragment the 
> hard drive.  For most versions:
> Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter
> Hope that helps.

Hello John and Everyone!

THANK YOU, John, for this advice and I do appreciate it. And that 
would make sense, if I were on Windows. Years ago I did that and I 
remember it worked well for Windows...

In this case, I am on a Local Network with four Macintoshes. The 
computer I use daily is the new Mac Intel, and it is very fast. The 
problem is with the Local Network I believe...because all four 
computers cannot access the internet as fast as before, and there are 
times when the connection to the internet gets hung or stuck, and 
other times when it works it is sporadically working slower 
and unevenly...

So I replaced the router, and that did not change anything. Now I am 
going to try to replace the modem, and possibly the gigabyte 
switch...and if that does not help then it must be that some of the 
connecting wires have gotten old. I have used them for over a decade 
and never changed them...

Today, Steve sent me a link to download a big file for testing 
SignPuddle 1.5 locally on my computer, and normally huge downloads 
took a matter of minutes, and now the internet connection gets hung 
and I cannot download something is wrong...that is for sure!

But other than that, my life is good. I live in California and we do 
not have any snow, but I understand the eastern half of the US has 
huge snow storms right now, so if my modem is my only problem, then I 
am the lucky one!!

Where are you located, John? Is it snowing? or are you in sunny 
California or sunny Brazil? ;-)

Val ;-)

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