New modem gives great speed!

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Fri Feb 16 17:52:28 UTC 2007

SignWriting List
February 16, 2007

On Feb 15, 2007, at 1:13 PM, john tucker wrote:
> I am in Austin, Texas.  Yesterday it was totally gray, today it is  
> sunny (normal for this time of year here) but we expect to get down  
> to 25 tonight (not usual for here).  Ah, well! such is central Texas.
> Glad to hear that much (if not all) the problem is due to modem.   
> Mac rules!  (even if my mac is dead and I have to work on on old  
> Dell with Windows XP)
> John


Hello John and Everyone!
You and I are the fortunate ones with good weather today. Here in San  
Diego it is springtime today...70 degrees farenheit or around 21  
degrees Celcius...I only wish the whole SignWriting List could travel  
through cyberspace and land in my front yard! ;-))

I now have a brand new cable modem and my goodness, the internet is  
fast again! I am so happy!!

So if any of you ever experience the internet slowing down, and your  
modem is several years old, there is a chance it can be the  
modem...something to remember...

And while I was waiting for the technician, I completed the English  
translation of pages 1-12 of Stefan's excellent book: The SignWriting  
Handbook. Actually, Stefan did the English translation (very well  
done, Stefan!). All I did was edit it a little, and then place the  
translation on the book layout pages....The goal? To create the  
complete English translation in a document that will be printed for  
people who purchase the German when it is all finished, I  
will inform you...

Meanwhile, I believe, Stefan, that you taught SignWriting this month  
in Berlin? Can you tell us a little about that workshop? Congrats on  

And Anny from French Switzerland also sent me a report of workshops  
in her area...So I will summarize this and post another message about  
ongoing workshops...

Val ;-)

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