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February 18, 2007

New SW eLesson....

General Movement Arrowhead

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Number 1 above shows two Movement Paths that are very wide apart from  
each other. Each path is very clearly separated by a great deal of  
space. There is a Right Path (black arrowhead) and a Left Path  
( white arrowhead.

Numbers 2 & 3 show the hands and Movement Paths moving closer to each  
other. The reader can tell how close by the amount of space between  
the Movement Paths.

Number 4 shows the thumbs contacting each other, but the Movement  
Path of the hands are still separate, although very close to each other.

Number 5 shows the hands and Movement Paths starting to move on top  
of each other.

Number 6 & 7 are the same. They use the General Movement Arrowhead  
because the Movement Paths blended together. The left hand is on top  
of the right hand. Number 6 shows the Surface Symbol stating that the  
left is on top of each other, but technically, because of the General  
Arrowhead, the Surface Symbol is not needed. Number 7 is clear that  
both hands move on the same path, so the left hand would have to be  
on top.

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