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This set of examples would be neat to show the shuttle taking off first on top of a plane, and then moving off into space.

Adam Frost <adam at> wrote:
  You're right! I had the left hand behind, not below like I had wanted. That never crossed my mind. So I would have to use surface symbols. That helps. Thanks. :-)


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  Adam_Frost_ wrote: 
  Just a quick question. Would this be the difference between two planes flying one over the other at the same speed and one plane resting on a flying plane? 
  Val's response... 
  See examples. Think of your right and left hands with black and white paint. 
  The first sign in my example, shows the left hand BEHIND the right hand. I know this because it is a General Arrowhead, which states that the path moving forward is right and left overlapping and moving forward on the exact same line, so the left would have to be behind the right. The hands are not necessarily touching. 
  The second sign is the same as the first one, but showing Surface Symbols stating the one is in front of the other and touching. 
  The third sign shows the right hand on top of the left hand, and when the two move forward, their two paths are NOT overlapping...they cut through space one higher than the other so they are not the same path, but separated paths...This example is very hard and rarely happens...but in that case, you need to tell people that one of the arrows is separate and above the other, which I did with the Surface Symbol... 
  So you chose some hard examples, Adam! 
  Val ;-) 

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