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Hi Ronald,
    I am a minister of Jehovah's Witnesses an am serving in Honduras,
Central America.  Preaching to the deaf is still at it's beginnings here
in Honduras.  I am interested in SignWriting mostly to take notes for
commenting at the meetings.  I am transcribing a few scriptures so that
the members of this list can help me improving my SignWriting skills.
    The video is from the DVD "New World Translation of the Christian
Greek Scriptures American Sign Language Edition The Good News According
to Matthew" (dvMt-ASL) in 3 discs which were released for first time in
2006.  I believe that the other books of the Bible are in the process of
being translated into ASL.  If you are interested in the DVD, please
contact the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in your country to get a
copy.   The addresses are listed on our official website.

Several other Bible publications are available both in ASL and many
other sign languages.  These publications don't have full chapters or
books of the Bible, but do have many scriptures.  Most of the DVD titles
have a Bible index menu of the cited scriptures without having to watch
the whole DVD.


Ronald Dettloff wrote:
> Please tell me about yourself. We are interested in your work. Where
> did you get the videos? Thanks.
> */duncanjonathan at* wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I have writing this Bible verse from an ASL video. I was hoping
>     that some of you could comment on my choice of arrows, their
>     position in relation to the hand symbols or anything else that is
>     unclear or that you feel could be improved upon.
>     The English translation reads. (Matthew 24:13) 13 But he that has
>     endured to the end is the one that will be saved.
>     I am not a 100% sure about the ASL gloss but I understood the
>     following.
>     Understand person endure obedient continue goal end future safe.
>     Looking forward to everybody's comments.
>     Sincerely,
>     Jonathan
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Load message into SignText
>     <,111,95,02-02-006-01-05-01,123,85,Understand,0%0A%0D%0A01-05-011-01-05-01,152,65,01-05-011-01-05-09,95,65,02-03-001-03-01-05,149,98,02-03-001-03-02-05,90,97,person,0%0A%0D%0A01-05-011-01-05-09,77,84,03-06-001-01-01-08,98,52,01-05-016-01-02-01,133,41,02-02-006-01-01-05,142,28,02-01-001-01-01-01,124,48,08-01-001-01-01-05,77,118,endure,0%0A%0D%0A01-05-050-01-01-16,76,135,01-05-050-01-01-02,111,100,02-04-003-03-01-08,124,107,02-04-003-03-02-08,89,143,02-02-006-01-01-01,112,88,02-02-006-01-01-01,73,129,obedient,0%0A%0D%0A03-08-001-01-01-01,106,106,08-01-001-01-01-05,118,142,01-10-001-01-06-01,127,168,01-10-001-01-06-09,99,168,02-01-001-01-01-01,120,170,02-05-001-02-03-01,163,153,08-01-001-01-01-05,165,186,continue,0%0A%0D%0A01-01-001-01-01-11,53,85,01-01-001-01-05-01,72,139,02-05-001-02-01-01,78,103,03-06-001-01-01-04,55,37,goal,0%0A%0D%0A01-05-011-01-01-07,84,109,01-05-011-01-05-01,119,126,0%%0A0A2-03-008-02-01-05,111,90,08-01-001-01-01-05,90,124,end,0%0A%0D%0A04-01-001-01-01-01,88,88,01-05-011-01-02-01,132,88,02-03-001-04-01-01,149,98,future,0%0A%0D%0A01-10-011-01-01-01,93,88,01-10-011-01-01-01,109,88,02-01-001-01-01-01,104,77,06-01-002-03-01-01,106,102,06-01-002-03-01-01,109,103,06-01-002-03-01-01,176,101,06-01-002-03-01-01,43,101,01-10-011-01-03-01,163,86,01-10-011-01-03-01,43,89,02-03-016-01-04-07,128,82,02-03-016-01-05-15,60,83,08-02-001-01-01-01,102,69,safe,0>
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