Matthew 24:13

Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Sun Feb 18 21:08:20 UTC 2007

This sign is obey as in "obey God".  It should end with 5 hand.  I have
redone it. Please let know if it is done right.

I'm not feeling so sure where I should put the "open at knuckle" symbol. 
The right hand start  near the forehead and the left hand in front of
the chest.  But when I put all of the symbols in, it looks like hands
have traveled much further than they really have.

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> I do not understand what this sign is doing...Both hands are moving up
> and forward diagonally in the same direction, but what is their ending
> position? Does it end slightly more open, or does it end with 5 hands?
> Can you write this one for us again with the ending position too? What
> does that sign mean?
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Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
8-)  & ;-)

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