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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
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SignWriting List
February 20, 2007

Hello SW List!
As you know, in the next few weeks I am working on improving and  
editing our SignPuddle ASL dictionary, so that when we announce the  
new SignPuddle 1.5, there will be a better ASL database for all of us  
to use online...

This is important because the old SignPuddle 1.0 ASL database online  
has a lot of signs that are GRAPHICS ONLY...new entries are written  
in SWML (SignWriting Markup Language) but the old signs were put into  
the database as graphics and I am re-writing all the graphics files  
so that all the entries will be in SWML...this is needed for many  
reasons and is long overdue.

In the process of this editing, I have found some interesting signs  
that are new in the database that I have never seen...and just as  
long as they are written well, of course we will leave them in there.  
The old database will not be thrown out, so that later, if someone  
can't find a sign they entered for some reason, we will be able to go  
back to find the old sign and then re-add it...

Not a small job, as you can see!

Anyway...attached are signs I had not entered...I like them! But I  
have a question...do the fingers in 2-MORE move up and down together  
as a unit, or do they alternate up and down?

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