Thought about organizing by signs.

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Yeah, I remember finger positions from something some time ago when I created a seminal article on SW ordering.  I had 750 signs from the Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary (lost in the shuffle, and I'm still re-adding them.  
  It become hand + orientation + contact position so, for example.
  TO = with contact at the top of the finger would come before
  GOAL = same hand positions without contact but with movement
  PLUS = same hand orientations but different contact point lower on the fingers.

Adam Frost <icemandeaf at> wrote:

That's the same thing that I understood, and thought that was too ambigious. But when Val explain the finger locations order (which aren't in the IWMA as of now but will be) I can see how one will be before the order. Thanks for you response. It was helpful as well. :-)


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Hi Adam,

Signs are sorted by their SignSpelling Sequence.  Both of these signs should have the same SignSpelling Sequence (right hand, left hand, touch), so they could appear in either order.


Adam_Frost_ wrote: Thought about organizing by signs. 

I was just wondering how these two signs (PLUS and TO) would be ordered. They both have the same symbols, and the placing of the symbols is exactly the same except for a slight shift of the dominate hand. Which would go first in the SSS? (I think that is what it is called.) 


PS Happy Birthday Val!

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