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February 27, 2007

> On Feb 24, 2007, Stefan Wöhrmann in Germany wrote:
> Hello Valerie -  and friends
> Have a wonderful Sunday around the world.
> Thank you very much for your support!
> Stefan ;-)

Hello Everyone, and Stefan!
You are very welcome, Stefan, and thank you in return, for all you  
are doing for SignWriting in Germany...

Stefan has a wonderful web site in Germany:

Gebaedenschrift Site
SignWriting Site in Germany

Gebaerdenschrift means SignWriting in German ;-)

This week we are moving Stefan's web site to be housed on our  
SignWriting server under DeafVision...Stefan's site is very valuable  
to SignWriting users all over the world...

 From the user's point of view, there will be no difference...The  
site will have the same domain as always and everything will be  
exactly the same.

This card is gorgeous, Stefan! Your photography and SignWriting  
artwork is lovely as always.

Thanks for sharing it with us!  Val ;-)

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