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When, where, and how much is the SignPuddle seminar?

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SignWriting List
February 27, 2007

Dear SW List Members:

Here is what is happening on my desktop!

I am working on the final presentation of SignBank 8.5...I have...

1. ...created some new print formats for printing dictionaries in two  
columns and three columns, in both US paper size and A4 paper 50% symbol size, for publishing large printed dictionaries  
in SignWriting...

2. ...created a print format for printing out the Linguistic  
information on the Linguistics Page.

3. ...created a print format for printing the symbols of the IMWA.

4. ...improved the ASL icons in the Portal, where people search for  
data and print...

5. Now I am writing a new SignBank 8.5 Reference Manual, that is  
similar to the old SignBank manual, but with lots of changes. Once I  
have a PDF version of the SignBank 8.5 Reference Manual, then I hope  
to create a series of Video Instruction files showing people how I  
use SignBank 8.5.

6. Meanwhile, Steve is finishing SignPuddle 1.5, and I have already  
used the program to edit a lot of signs and it is a super program!

7. We are hoping that SignBank 8.5 and SignPuddle 1.5 on the  
PocketPuddle will be ready in time for the CUNY Linguistics  
Conference that will be held here in my hometown of La Jolla,  
California, March 29-31.

8. A handful of advanced SignWriting users will be attending the  
conference and will then take a semi-private workshop with me on  
SignWriting on April 1st.  If there is anyone who would like to learn  
how to use SignBank 8.5 and SignPuddle 1.5 with me in person, then  
attending the SignWriting workshop on April 1st here in La Jolla is  
one way to do it...

Write to me privately if there is someone who would like to attend  
the SignWriting Workshop on April 1st...

if you cannot attend but still would like that kind of private  
attention, then write to me and we can arrange a Skype meeting by web  
cam after April 1st...

So the reason I have been so quiet, is because I am working on these  
projects behind the scenes...

I hope you all are happy and doing well!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

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