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December 4, 2008

On Dec 4, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Peter DeHaas wrote:
> Val, Thank you for your assistance.  Your work is truly inspirational!
> If I could get the contact for the French (LFS) sign writer that  
> would be awesome!
> I wouldn't mind asking her some questions about the grammar.


Hi Peter!
Thanks for the phone call today. It was a pleasure to speak with you.  
Your project working with both American and French Sign Languages  
sounds very interesting and keep us informed...

And thank you for sharing your past documents with us...Documents  
posted to the List are automatically stored in our SignWriting List  

SignWriting List Archives

Plus I plan to post your document under Research etc...I will keep you  

And everyone is welcome to make appointments to discuss SW with me, on  
Skype (which is free...amazing ;-) and also telephone or videophone...

Now, regarding French Sign Language...

if you go to the old web pages:

SignWriting in France

You will see that years ago, the school for the Deaf in Toulouse,  
France, participated in our SignWriting Literacy Project. I donated  
materials to the school, and one of the teachers, Mary, shared those  
materials with her Deaf students. One of those Deaf students was  
Juliette, and when Juliette started teaching Deaf children herself,  
she entered signs into our SignPuddle dictionary online, the French  
SignPuddle....Thank you, Juliette!! I am not sure if Juliette is still  
on the List...are you still here, Juliette?

I will write to Juliette privately and put you in touch with each  
other, Peter...

Thanks for the message -

Val ;-)


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