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Hi  André and friends,


I hesitate to answer – what I understand is that you think about  a
curriculum (?) about “quick daily SignWriting by hand” – is that true? 


Well-  do you know André that I am teaching deaf students for years now
reading SignWriting documents every day! But nevertheless – for some reason
there is a big difference to become a skilled reader and to become a skilled
scribe with SW-software. And it takes even more practice and insight and
perhaps a higher level of reflection to write by hand. So far my best
students would try to write by hand only very few signs. Obviously it takes
a lot of understanding to create a visual representation of what handshape
in which orientation is needed. Now the students have to practice and
practice and practice lots of different handshapes and orientations. Some
other problems are connected with proportions of different symbols and the
way – ( the best procedure) how to write certain movement arrows ... I am
busy to write my second book – “Learn to write SignWriting” and lots and
lots of single tasks are to be part of this instruction course.  I will keep
you infomed. Do not hesitate to ask questions ... Attached you find a
typical excercise sheet “hallo” written with all different kinds of pencils
and colors ... 


Take care 


Stefan ;-) 





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Hi Val, Anne-Claude and everyone,


 Anny,  I don't ask that you translate a SW handwriting's web pages.   You
translate only two words : handprinting and handwriting.


        I mean that I need only a section "Quick dailly writing". I am
writing a LSQ curriculum for a SW writing.  I understand that you need to
write new books.  No problem.  I am trying  better to describe a SW
handwriting (quick daily writing).


    I believe that Deaf students write a SW handprinting because teachers
don't know about SW handwriting norms (Quick daily writing).


    Hand waving



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December 8, 2008


Hello Andre and Anny -

There is no document to there are web pages.


If you follow all the links on this web page:


SignWriting Handwriting


There are six sections and each section has several web pages...I do not
know if Andre really needs a translation of those web pages into French?


I have nothing else to give you right now, Andre...More books on Handwriting
will have to wait for awhile, since I am so behind on other books that need
to be updated...


Have you seen the front page of our web site? Stefan's Deaf student Eduard
is quite an artist with SW calligraphy, don't you think?


SignWriting HomePage


Stefan will be sending us more photos of the finished art later...i look
forward to seeing them!


And I believe that Kim from Boston has also done some SW calligraphy...


Kim's work


Val ;-)





On Dec 8, 2008, at 6:55 AM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:



what kind of document do you need to get translated from english into french


let me know




Le 8 déc. 08 à 15:43, Gagnon et Thibeault a écrit :

Hi Anne-Claude, Val and everyone,


    Anny, I would like you to translate a handprinting and a handwriting
from English to French?


    Val, I am writing a LSQ curriculum from grade 7th to 8th  including SW
reading and SW writing now.  But, I don't know about handwriting norms.  I
would like you to explain me handwriting norms in general.  You remember
that you gave a handwriting course to some participants one year ago.  I
love learning it.   I don't mean that participants do their homework but
they read only instructions.  Would you give us general explanations or
instructions  of handwriting norms which help me write and explain a LSQ
curriculum including SW writing ? You don't need an explanation of the



    Best regards,










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