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December 14, 2008

Hello Anny!
THANK YOU very much for this report about your SignWriting meeting in  
French-Switzerland in November, and also the work you are doing as a  
SignWriting association...I really enjoyed visiting your web pages. I  
love the photos with your Sign Names written directly beside the  
photos. It is quire impressive to see the serious work you are  
doing...and I hope the Bible translation project starts to use  
SignWriting...since it is already being used to write Bible passages  
in several other sign languages, such as ASL, Catalan Sign Language  
and Maltese Sign Language...

I have had several invitations lately to meet people on Facebook and I  
confess I have not gotten used to Facebook yet, but I look forward to  
doing that over Christmas...thank you for the invitation to meet on  

I would like to fix a SignPuddle button that needs to be translated  
better into French, but I need your help to write to me privately to  
tell me exactly what I need to do...I apologize for my confusion but  
now is a good time for us to accomplish that little task...

Thank you for the lovely Christmas card - I will post it on the web -

Val ;-)


On Dec 14, 2008, at 12:22 PM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:

> Val you're asking about the workshop in november.... actually, we  
> created a "signwriting association"... and are used to organising a  
> week-end in the mountains once a year in a small chalet.... there  
> are some picture of us all working on the sign notation... on:
> it's always nice to get together and practice. I did a short  
> presentation on the use of SignPuddle, and the participants tried to  
> practice, add new signs (on my private puddle because there are  
> absolutely no internet connexion in this small chalet...)
> beside that, I've started working with a group that has the projet  
> to translate Bible into french sign language (it's a big project  
> including swiss, fench, belgian, and som french african  
> countries..... working together on this passage of Bible....
> I presented SignWiriting, showed them what and how it can be  
> used..... SW might become part of their project.... time will tell!
> another news... of of the participant in the SW workshop I taught in  
> october created a group "SignEcriture" on facebook.....
> I just sent you an invitation....
> lots of deaf people are on facebook here... and she thought it would  
> be a good way to inform them about SW....
> no other big plans for now... still want to developp material,  
> games,  using SW....
> I'll send you some examples when they are ready!
> Have a nice Christmas everyone.....!
> Anny
> <NOEL 2008.png>

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