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December 20, 2008

On Dec 20, 2008, at 6:40 PM, Cherie Wren wrote:

> Gerard's original idea was something more international-- so far all  
> the suggestions come from ASL...  Anyone know more Gestuno or  
> something more all inclusive?
> I only know ASL, and the most "iconic" sign I know would be the ILY  
> handshape... it is the closest thing to being universally known in  
> the US, among hearing and Deaf.  Igt would also be simple enough to  
> read at that tiny size.
> cherie

Thanks, Cherie and Charles and Bill, for your input...

Attached are a few Favicons...one for an online encyclopedia site, and  
another a dictionary site...

It seems that using a letter from the Roman Alphabet is popular, like  
the W for Wikipedia, but no letter of the Roman alphabet is completely  
international, since people in Russia and China use a different way of  
writing ;-)

So a "picture" of some kind would be more international than an  
alphabetic character...and somehow the I LOVE YOU hand doesn't feel  
like it represents "SignWriting" to me...does it you? Maybe the very  
first symbol in SignWriting...the index finger with the white  
palm...that might be representative of SignWriting in general, not  
because it means anything but because it is the first symbol in the  

I have no idea what is best for a Favicon that represents all  
SignWriting of all sign languages in the world! If someone can design  
a good Favicon for SignWriting that we could all use for our sites,  
that would be great...

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