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SignWriting in Arabic Nations

1. Dr. AbuShaira, King Saud University

2. SignWriting Workshop, King Saud University, August, 2008

3. Saudi Arabian Sign Language SignPuddle Online

4. News Article about SignWriting, Saudi Arabia, February 26, 2008

5. News Article about SignWriting, Jordan, April 1st, 2008

6. Jordanian Sign Language SignPuddle Online

7. What is SignWriting? in Arabic

8. Lessons in SignWriting Textbook, Arabic Translation

9. SignPuddle 1.5 Reference Manual, Arabic Translation

10. SignWriting Research Study, Saudi Arabia, 2002, English Translation

11. SignWriting Research Study, Saudi Arabia, 2002, Original Arabic

12. Article "Creative Method for teaching deaf" published Saudi  
Arabia, 2008

13. Saudi Arabian Sign Language Fingerspelling & Numbers

14. Student's SignWriting Handwriting in Saudi Arabia

15. About Dr. Mohamed Abushaira's Research

16. Abushaira Dissertation Abstract, English Translation

17. Abushaira Dissertation 30 Pages, English Translation

18. Abushaira Full Dissertation, 2007, Original Arabic

19. 2002 SignWriting Study at Deaf Children Institute for Boys, Saudi  

20. Feedback from Teachers and Administrators, Deaf Institute, Saudi  

21. Deaf Interview with Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid

22. SignWriting Lessons in SignWriter DOS Computer Program

23. SignWriting Lessons in Arabic, Web Pages Directory

24. Happy New Year Card in Saudi Arabian Sign Language

25. SignBank Menus in Arabic

26. SignWriter Computer Program 4.4 Reference Manual in Arabic

27. Email Messages about SignWriting in Arabic Nations
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