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December 28, 2009

Hi Reynaldo and Steve and everyone -
Thanks for your questions, Reynaldo...and thanks, Steve, for giving us  
the criteria for programmers, when programming a way to create a  
document in SignWriting...Steve mentions them below, such as writing  
vertically in three lanes, and the fact that the program cannot allow  
the Punctuation Symbols to be in the right or left lane...the  
Punctuation, like a period or comma, always have to be in the Center  
Lane, so that the reader knows where the center of the sentence  
is...otherwise you cannot see which lane you are in...

So those kind of programming details are necessary for creating  
programs for SignWriting that allow the user to compose documents in  
vertical sentences...

The word "grammar" can also mean the grammer and syntax of each sign  
language, having nothing to do with SignWriting, but simply the rules  
of each language as to what is correct and what isn't...for example,  
in American Sign Language there are grammar issues related to "Topic  
Marker", facial adverbs and so forth...We do have a few articles that  
describe how to write some of these ASL grammar points...Here are some  
links if you are interested in articles about writing ASL grammar in  
SignWriting...LIBRAS in Brazil might have a different grammar, so in  
SignWriting, we just write it all and over time we are pinning down  
what is important to write, and what is not:

Some ASL Grammar Articles on the Web, and how to write that in  

Writing ASL Grammar

ASL Classifiers

ASL Conditionals

ASL Relative Clauses

and so forth...

Keep us informed about your new projects, Reynaldo...

And Happy New Year!

Val ;-)


On Dec 28, 2009, at 6:55 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi Reynaldo Luévano,
>> 1. Is SWML compatible with ISWA 2008?
> Any of the possible variations of SWML should be compatible with the  
>> 2. Is ISWA 2008 in SVG format?
> No, SVG is not yet available.
>> 3. Is there a guide to write grammar with ISWA 2008?
> Grammar is language independent.  There are a few guidelines for  
> writing.  First, only writing symbols are used in the signs.  Signs  
> can be used in the left, middle, or right lanes.  Punctuation is  
> always used by itself and only in the middle lane.  Sorting symbols  
> are only used in the SignSpelling Sequence and do not appear in the  
> reading text.
> If you look at the ISWA code page for the SymbolGroup data, the 7th  
> column called type will tell you the type of the symbols: writing,  
> punctuation or sorting.  SG 1-28 are writing.  SG 29 is punctuation,  
> SG 30 is sorting.
> Regards,
> -Steve


On Dec 25, 2009, at 2:52 PM, Reynaldo Luevano wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I have a project in mind with Signwritting, and I have been studying  
> ISWA 2008 symbols and there are several questions. I hope someone  
> could help me with
> 1. Is SWML compatible with ISWA 2008?
> 2. Is ISWA 2008 in SVG format?
> 3. Is there a guide to write grammar with ISWA 2008?
> Thank you very much
> PS. Happy new year to everyone from Madrid
> Reynaldo Luévano
> Cuida tu aguinaldo y tus cuentas bancarias, OTTO te enseña cómo.


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