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Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Mon Nov 2 04:54:48 UTC 2009

Hi Val,
    Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I was quite really sick on 
Thursday too. But now I am feeling better.


Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> October 28, 2009
> Hello Stefan, Tini, Ron and everyone -
> Wow. I feel badly having mentioned it...but THANK YOU Stefan for your 
> glorious get well are such a supreme artist ;-)
> And all your well wishes, everyone, are greatly appreciated. Thank you 
> to you all. No, I do not have swine flu! smile...someone asked me 
> that....and I plan to live to age 120, as you know - ha!
> I am sure you all have your days when you need to rest too...working 
> out of my home, as i do, has the problem of never turning off your 
> computer...I am sure you know what i mean, and it is a blessing to 
> have you all in my daily life...
> I have been in great pain lately with something similar to bursitis in 
> both shoulders...but it actually is not bursitis, which is an enflamed 
> shoulder joint that lots of people have...and it is hard for me to 
> imagine so many people have is so painful that it is 
> almost impossible to use your arms...I am sure some people on this 
> List have had something like bursitis and it is no fun, right?
> For example, Rich Gleaves, the developer of SignWriter DOS told me 
> that he had bursitis from surfing...Rich is a skilled and avid 
> surfer...California has lots of surfers as you know...and he couldn't 
> surf for 6 weeks because of it...poor guy...and my grandfather and 
> father both had bursitis so I guess it is in our my case, 
> both my shoulders are in agony when I move them in certain ways, but 
> it is a rare form of bursitis called calcification...calcium deposits 
> have lodged between my shoulder joint and the I have had 
> some shots and I have been told to stop typing on 
> is that going to work for me? so I figure 
> maybe half days in bed might do the trick...
> so I am typing this message letter by letter with one hand at the 
> moment...
> And all is well...I am so happy with all the amazing news from around 
> the world and so grateful to all of you for your contributions and for 
> sharing with me...
> Now...I promise I will be back tomorrow and I bet I will feel better 
> too...
> I hope you all remain well and no swine flue for anyone!
> Val ;-)

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