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        In This Issue:
					New Clues for Keeping Heart Young

					When to See a Physical Therapist 
					'Can prednisone make you feel shaky?'


								Healing Power: 
How Sex Affects RA

								One out of 10 people with RA say sex 
is out of the question, but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the intimate moments.
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                                  • 8 RA Myths Uncovered
								  • Questions to Ask Your RA Doctor

                                  • Why Having a Pet May Help Your RA


         Health News & Features

					New Clues for Keeping Heart Young
                    Researchers may have found a key to slowing
the heart's aging process -- and it's all in the genes.

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					  • Hip Fractures in U.S. on Decline

                      • Nuts, Vegetables, Fish Cut Alzheimer's Risk
					When to See a Physical Therapist 

                   How do you know if you need physical therapy for a chronic condition? Find out when you to get help for hurt.

					Also See: 
					  • Deciding on Surgery for RA
                      • Understanding RA Treatments

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					  • Depressed?  Take the Health Check, Assess Your Symptoms
                      • Pre-Existing Conditions and Health Care Reform
                      • 10 Tips for Surviving Flu Season

                      • Food Intolerance or Food Poisoning? How to Tell
                      • Depression Quiz: Get the Facts
		Members Are Talking
					'Can prednisone make you feel shaky?'

                    This member is feeling some unpleasant side effects
from medication and is considering a lower dose.
					Read more on the Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Group message board.

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