How to write verbal inflection systematically

MARIA AZZOPARDI maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Fri Nov 13 13:04:33 UTC 2009

Dear friends,

I was wondering whether anyone has 'set-up' a kind of system of writing
verbal morphology? Naturally each sign language may have different rules -
but how do you encode those rules into SignWriting.

I've just been thinking about CL movement-verbs that can move to different
points in space. In LSM (on the level of neutral space, ie. not below or
above the neutral space) CL movement-verbs can move to 4 distinct points
in space - these points are

1) right infront of the signer (YOU)
2) touching the signer (I, ME)
3) to the left of the signer (3RD PERS subj/obj)
4) to the right of the signer (3RD PERS subj/obj)

these could be plural points in which case it would be

1) a couple of points right infront of the signer (YOU subj/obj plu)
2) a couple of points around and touching signer (WE, US)
3)a couple of points to the left (THEY, THEM)
4) a couple of points to the right (THEY, THEM)

Now for the left and right points it's quite easy to encode using
signwriting - but I'm finding difficulty to show in signwriting the
difference between points 1 and 2)

Hope this isn't too confusing!



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