Amazing report from Malawi!

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Nov 15 22:14:18 UTC 2009

From: "Carol Nussbaumer" <carol at>
Date: November 15, 2009 12:06:02 PM PST
To: <Sutton at>
Subject: Pocket Puddle Thanks

Dear Valerie,
Thanks for the e-mail and Pocket Puddle update!  I may not get a  
chance to
work with it for a while but I'm glad to have it.  We had a successful  
to Malawi --- back about 2 weeks and almost over jet lag.  I took Pocket
Puddle and SW to the deaf school; we didn't have as much time to work  
on it
as I had hoped, but did get it introduced.  The teacher in charge of
computer lab has been able to install it on the school system.  Many  
for it and for the books you donated.  I am attaching a couple of  
of school for you -- one is the staff working on Sign Writing in the
library/staff room.  The man at the end of the table is Mr. Macleod  
headmaster at school and a good friend.  The other picture is Standard 3
with their copy of Goldilocks.  It took about 10 seconds for them to  
out the sign system....!  Standard 8 (our oldest group) took around 5
minutes to figure out how to write sign and had a blast developing some
Chitumbuka sign.  It was fun watching them go back and forth about which
piece of each sign was exactly right until all 10 of them were happy!   
on my tiny netbook screen it worked pretty well.  I'm hopeful that  
this is a
start toward getting sign in Malawi "tied down" instead of morphing  
few days.
Thanks again,
Carol Nussbaumer

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