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I've corrected my signing to add both the motion forward and down and coming back and changing palm facing.  I'm solely trying to transcribe the signer, who does change the primary hand.


peacock bird plus spreading tail.            

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Hi SW-list, 
before I mentioned... 
“.... I do not know
why he signs the “bird” with his right hand and the
“tail” with the left – just using the right hand as a
platform for the elbow. Probably other signers would perform both parts of this
combined  sign with the same hand? “
A minute ago I followed
the link of
and found another
performance of “PEACOCK” 
and ha – this is
fun. She is performing the sign the way I had in mind. In addition to that –
as you can see:The bird opens its beak only once.
–Just  as expected in combined signs. 
In this performance the
right hand describes a curved movement but quite much down forward as well ... 
Stefan ;-)
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