common criticisms of signwriting?

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Sat Nov 21 14:14:29 UTC 2009

Hi Sandy,

We can always use subset of the ISWA.  Sometimes greater detail is 
needed; other times it is not.  I think the actual subset of each 
language will be determined by what's used over the coming years by the 
people who write their own language.

Currently, the SignWriting Image Server supports subsets.  So instead of 
the SymbolPalette being filled with the entire ISWA, only a 
predetermined subset will show.  I was planning on created a few subsets 
from the current SignPuddle data just to see what they'd look like.

Unicode is no problem.  Every sign and sign text in SignPuddle can be 
represented by a Unicode string using the Plane 4 solution. 

If you look at the bottom of section 3 of the SignWriting Image Server 
document, you'll find a subsection about Unicode integration and a 
Unicode string for "hello world" in ASL.

Other Unicode solutions are possible, but are still theoretical.  Mine 
used the ISWA with coordinate placement.

I'd be interested in more detail about your Unicode ideas.



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