Need Feedback for PersonalPuddle Software, version 1.3

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Nov 24 16:33:33 UTC 2009

SignWriting List
November 24, 2009

PersonalPuddle users...For those who used the PersonalPuddle or  
PocketPuddle before, and then I sent you the upgrade to the new  
PersonalPuddle version 1.3...

I need feedback from you...Were you able to install the new version?  
Have you had success using it?

Anny, Stefan and Jonathan have given me excellent feedback already -  
thank you for that...

Before I place the PersonalPuddle and PocketPuddle on, I  
want to update the user manuals and make sure the documentation will  
work for new users your feedback will really help me write  
better backup materials...

So write here to the List with your questions, problems, good  
experiences too...Whatever I should know for creating a better  

Many thanks!

Val ;-)


On Nov 14, 2009, at 1:04 PM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
> A New Version of The PersonalPuddle
PersonalPuddle version 1.3
> SignPuddle desktop software for personal computers...
> For Mac OS X 10.4 and later...
> For Windows 95 and later...
> With the PersonalPuddle you can:
> 1. Work in SignPuddle without an internet connection.
> 2. Connect to SignPuddle Online, if you have an internet connection.
> 3. Move back and forth between SignPuddle Online and your  
> PersonalPuddle.
> 4. Import files from SignPuddle Online into your PersonalPuddle.
> 5. Copy signs and documets from your PersonalPuddle to SignPuddle  
> Online.
> 6. Import User Interfaces in different languages.
> 7. Receive software updates and technical support.
> 8. Download from a link online, and also receive a CD by postal mail.
> PersonalPuddle users can upgrade for free. Contact me privately at: sutton at
> For those who have never used the PersonalPuddle before, you can  
> read about it and order it online:
The PersonalPuddle
> -------
> Many thanks to Steve Slevinski for this amazing new version of the  
> PersonalPuddle, which I love...I use it everyday...I love the  
> interconnectivity between the PersonalPuddle on your private  
> computer and SignPuddle Online...a productive way to work...and  
> practical too...your files are saved on your desktop, but you can  
> add them anytime to SignPuddle Online...perfect for those who do not  
> have reliable access to the internet...
> Once again we are blessed... just in time for Thanksgiving!
> Val ;-)
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