Lessons in ISWA Symbols

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 24 16:51:57 UTC 2009

Hi Valerie, Adam ... 




I love to see all these photos going along with the symbols of the ISWA – 

I create worksheets that show almost the same structure – this is
interesting ... 


Just a question – do you have somewhere on your website a place to show
these graphics as not animated gifs? 

I would prefer stills photo and symbol side to side. 


It is difficult for me to look at the animations – 


Stefan ;-) 





Here is an inspiring story:


One thing I am working on today is to create the Group 7 Handshape  

pages...for Adam's animated GIFs...as you know, Adam has been working  

on a big project, while he goes to school full time at CSUN...


Here are Adam's animated GIFs to date...but tonight I hope to post  

Group 7...Yeah! Thank you, Adam, for this wonderful work...


Lessons in ISWA Symbols



As soon as we have Groups 1-10 in animated GIFs, I am going to co- 

author a book with Adam called "SignWriting Hand Symbols"...that uses  

Adam's photos to show each handshape in 6 palm facings...so all the  

hands of the ISWA will be documented...on the web, and in book  

form...and I am thinking we could also create short videos for YouTube  

too...using the animated GIFs...a great way to teach SignWriting...




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