AW: [sw-l] Lessons in ISWA Symbols

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Nov 24 18:59:49 UTC 2009

Hi Val, 


thank you very much for your quick response – 

well it is not my need to copy any photo – I have hundreds of handshape
fotos myself – smile – and I need them to create my graphics for the
teaching materials

It is just interesting to compare some of the photos as shown in your
collection and perhaps to discuss some designs of the matching ISWA Symbols





This is a typical situation 16 times a week  - smile 



Stefan ;-) 





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SignWriting List

November 24, 2009


Hello Stefan and Adam!

I agree and I like both the animations and also still we all
agree on the need for both.


That is one of the reasons I plan to create a book of all of Adam's
individual photos and enlarged ISWA handshape people will have
a reference manual to browse through, to find all the handshapes and to
understand their palm facings better...


And I also hope to place those on the web as well...the still photos with
each that is coming...


And I know you have done similar kind of work, Stefan, with your beautiful
photos of hands and also illustrations are so talented!


Now...I can teach you one quick trick right now, if you are interested in
grabbing a photo from Adam's animation right can...


1. Go on the web to one of the web pages with an animated GIF...such as:


2. Place your mouse pointer over the moving pictures...


3. Right click on your mouse on animated gif 


4. Choose Save Image, or whatever it says in the drop-down menu


5. Open your saved animated gif in a program that can show you all the the Mac, a program named Preview is an example,
and then you can extract the individual photos and symbols from that if you
are skilled...






Later we will do this for everyone, but for right now that will get you


Val ;-)





On Nov 24, 2009, at 8:51 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

Hi Valerie, Adam ...




I love to see all these photos going along with the symbols of the ISWA –

I create worksheets that show almost the same structure – this is
interesting ...


Just a question – do you have somewhere on your website a place to show
these graphics as not animated gifs?

I would prefer stills photo and symbol side to side.


It is difficult for me to look at the animations –


Stefan ;-)





Here is an inspiring story:


One thing I am working on today is to create the Group 7 Handshape 

pages...for Adam's animated you know, Adam has been working 

on a big project, while he goes to school full time at CSUN...


Here are Adam's animated GIFs to date...but tonight I hope to post 

Group 7...Yeah! Thank you, Adam, for this wonderful work...


Lessons in ISWA Symbols


As soon as we have Groups 1-10 in animated GIFs, I am going to co-

author a book with Adam called "SignWriting Hand Symbols"...that uses 

Adam's photos to show each handshape in 6 palm all the 

hands of the ISWA will be documented...on the web, and in book 

form...and I am thinking we could also create short videos for YouTube 

too...using the animated GIFs...a great way to teach SignWriting...





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