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Thanks for your hard work.

  I love SignWriting and we could not do it without you tech guys.

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December 31, 2009

The new SignText 2.0 has several important new works in a smooth gives the ability to search documents for symbol for the first time documents, not just dictionary entries, can be searched for all the signs in the sentence that use a specific handshape, rotation, or other linguistic searches...and other details that the user really notices, like a grid to help line-up symbols, and the ability to do mini-saves of the sentence while you are writing it, by placing what you have finished "into browser history", so if there is a problem with the internet you can re-construct your sentence by using the browser back and forward buttons...or accessing browser history listings, and so many other tiny things that really make writing a sentence a better experience...This is important software development for all SignWriting users...
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