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Hello folks,

Okay, here are 33 of the standard English tenses in several moods that I remember being taught in school.  ASL can express them all, it simply uses other time markers to express the same thought.  English carries tense markers with auxiliary words, ASL tends to carry it with auxiliary time markers or manners of speech.  Present is Simple, Past is by auxiliary time words, not helping verbs, Future is by time words, Progressive is by (most often) manners of moving the sign (quickly, slowly, sharply) or with verbs that can carry them continually.  I don't have the time today to do each of these phrases in ASL, but simply going through them systematically might inspire someone. 

I walked up the hill yesterday, I marched up the hill yesterday, I plodded up the hill yesterday.  I have been walking for weeks.  

1) Present: 

I go, I be (rarely used but this is correct).  I catch. 

2) Past

I went.  I was.   I caught. 

3) Future

I will go.  I will be.  I will catch.

4) Present Progressive

I am going.  I am or I am being.  I will catch.  

5) Past Progressive

I was going.  I was catching. 

6) Future Progressive

I will be going.  I will be being. I will be catching.

7) Present Perfect Progressive

I have been going.  I have been being.  I have been catching.

8) Past Perfect Progressive

I had been going.  I had been being.  I had been catching.

9) Future Perfect Progressive.

I will have been going.  I will have been being.  I will have been catching.  

10) Present Perfect

I have gone.  I have been.  I have caught. 

11) Past Perfect

I had gone. I had been.  I had caught.

12) Future Perfect.

I will have gone. I will have been. I will have caught. 

13) Present Conditional

I might go.  I might be. I might catch.

14) Past Conditional

I might have gone.  I might have been.  I might have caught.

15) Future Conditional

I may go.  I may be.  I may catch.

17) Present Progressive Conditional

I may have been going.  I may have been being.  I may have been catching.

18) Past Progressive Conditional

I might have been going.  I might have been being.  I might have been catching.

19) Present Subjunctive.

If I go.  If I be. If I catch. 

20) Past Subjunctive.

If I went.  If i were.  If I caught. 

21) Future Subjunctive Progressive. 

If I am going.  If I am being.  If I am catching.

22) Past Perfect Subjunctive

If had been going.  If I had been being.  If I had been catching. 

23) Present Imperative

I must go.  I must be.  I must catch.  Go. Be. Catch. 

24) Present Reflexive

I am caught.

25) Past Reflexive

I was caught.

26) Future Reflextive

I will be caught.

27) Present Progressive Reflexive

I am being caught.

28) Past Progressive Reflexive

I was being caught.

29) Future Progressive Reflexive

I will be being caught.

30) Present Progressive Subjunctive Reflexive.

If I be being caught.

31) Past Progressive Subjunctive Reflexive.

If I were being caught.

32) Future Progressive Subjunctive Reflexive

If I will have been being caught.  

33) Infinitive
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